Duke Education Society

'Duke Education society ®' Registered under the society registration act 1860 with NCT of Govt. Of New Delhi . Society has its apex, a governing council to oversee the administration, management and examination provide education society since 2003.


Duke Education Society® (Regd.) was established as per provisions of the constitution of India under the guidance of eminent educationists and consultants. The D.E.S under Government of India constitution of India for the right of educating / training and its administration uplift the education in all over India .

Associated Companies of DES
(Registered under the society Registration act 1860 with NCT of Govt. Of New Delhi )

Duke Infosysys Enabling IT Solution
Duke Infosys Education wing
Sunrise technology
Emedia Solutions

Courses Conducted  by DES

Computer Education

D.E.S. is providing primary/professional computer education by organizing different type of hardware and software courses. All courses and training is organized by professional those have vast experiences in this field.


Beginner Courses(Advance) 2/4 Months
Diploma in Info. Techno. 6/12/18 Months
Diploma in M-Commerce with Live Training 6/12/18 Months
Certification in Graphics Designing  4 Months
Certification in Web Designing   4 Months
Certification in Web Designing   With project                                6 Months
Advance Web Designing & SEO Expert with Live Project   9 Months
Advance Web Designing &  Web Development   9 Months
Animation Expert 9 Months
MASTER CONNECT Programmed in Hardware, Network and Security System Management 14 Months
PROCONNECT Programmed in Windows 2008 Network Operating System leading to MCITP certification 3 Months
PROCONNECT Programmed in Implementing & Configuring IT & Electronic Security Systems 2 Months
PROCONNECT Programmed in Managing Windows 2008 NOS, Routers & Switches leading to MCITP & CCNA certification 4/5 Months
PROCONNECT Programmed Designing & Configuring Exchange Server & Messaging Solutions  1 Month
PROCONNECT Programmed in Managing Routers & Switches leading to CCNA certification 4 Months
PROCONNECT Programmed in Enterprise Network Management Code 4 Months
UCONNECT Programmed in Managing Computer Hardware & Desktop Environment 4 Months
Diploma in Hardware Maintenance and Networking 6/12/18/24 Months
Office Automation Courses 3 to 9Months
Visual Fox Pro with Library Function 3 to 9Months
Java + Advance Java +VB + SQL Server 3 to 9Months
CAD Designing 3 to 9Months
Linux Networking with Linux Project                                                    3 to 9Months
Data Structure Through C 3 to 9Months
PHP with Live Project 3 to 9Months
Linux & Win with Live Training 8 Months