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As an established leader in the LED video display industry, TechnoSys prides itself on developing a wide range of fixed installation, rental and control systems that have and continue to create valuable impact for our customers. At TechnoSys we are committed to providing the resources to constantly developing new and more advanced screen technologies. It is this passion for our work that allows us to develop products that provide more value at a lower cost and with minimal environmental impact.

Indoor Full Color Led Displays are high-tech multimedia products that blend optical, electronic and acoustic signal processing technologies. Our Led displays have high-tech features that make the use of the Led displays as easy as it can be. High quality is our standard for our Led displays and Led video screens, which we backup with a warranty and for a very competitive price.


The Information kiosk is the first kiosk platform for a variety of functions offered on many kiosks in the marketplace today. By the touch of a finger users can gain access to product information, company services, forms and printouts for retail stores, schools, churches, city government, tourist locations and more. In a recent report by Summit Research, studies show using kiosks to provide product information remains the leading reason so many retail kiosks are being installed worldwide; 33 percent said this was their chief motive for installing kiosks at their retail locations.

INTERNET KIOSK: An Internet kiosk is a terminal that provides public Internet access. Internet kiosks sometimes resemble telephone booths, and are typically placed in settings such as hotel lobbies or airports for fast access to e-mail or web pages. Internet kiosks sometimes have a bill acceptor or a credit card swipe, and nearly always have a computer keyboard, a mouse (or a fixed trackball which is more robust), and a monitor


Biometric Fingerprint Mouse is a product of TechnoSys. It can ensure all the data on your computer will be protected by your unique authorized fingerprint with new ultra built-in biometric fingerprint recognition technology.

Biometric Time & Attendance System is a feature rich standalone, robust, cost effective, fingerprint recognition based Time attendance recorder and Access controller. It is suitable for medium and large offices, branch, factory or site. Biometric Time & Attendance System is ready to use, easy to install device. It supports advanced and fast TCP/IP LAN networking and plugs directly into network HUB/Switch.
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Electronics Products
We have pioneered the development of the led display market and now have over 1000 customers . we offer, probably the largest range of models from small single line signs to lcd scrollers which can display photos, text graphics. with in house R & D and manufacturing facility we provide led display sytems to meet any king of demand . our range includes moving message display systems in different sizes, digital time 7 temperature displays, flip digits displays score boards, financial displays, exchange rate display, bank interest rate display boards, exit signs, queue management stem, token display systems score boards . we are capable of designing any led based products.

Our range includes moving message display systems in different sizes, digital time & temperature displays, flip digits displays, digital score boards, financial displays, exchange rate displays, bank interest rate display boards, exit signs, queue management system, token display system. We are capable of designing any led based product.

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