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IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Interactive Voice Response (IVR system) is perhaps the part of your CTI integration that's most recognized by your callers. it s voice response system that interacts with them after the decision. it s conjointly your 1st probability to create an honest impression. Customer calls in your company. the decision is answered, not by typical secretarial assistant however by Associate in Nursing electronic secretarial assistant, Associate in Nursing automatic attendant. the solution your client gets is, "Welcome to XYZ Company. Dial the extension variety of the department or person you would like to reach" by a recorded voice. And therefore it goes on providing you with choices.

The first Interactive Voice Response is used to 1970 s although it was not quite as we know it today. They used DSP technology, that had terribly tiny vocabularies. The move to the modern IVR system did not begin till the late Nineties, once decision centers had to deal loads with transmission communications.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automatic telephone system that interacts with callers, gathers info and routes calls to the acceptable recipients. AN IVR system accepts a mix of voice phone input and touch-tone data input device choice and provides the acceptable responses within the type of voice, fax, callback, email and alternative contact ways.

Benefits of IVR

  1. While having a talk with customers, there's a chance that agents could commit miscalculation once in a very whereas. The companies don't have to be compelled to worry concerning these manual errors whereas utilizing the IVR system for interacting with the shoppers.
  2. Agents WHO add a corporation that uses associate IVR square measure superior at finding specific issues and meeting specific desires of the purchasers that they're appointed. The results a rise in client service potency.
  3. If a company is unable to hire multiple agents for a call center, it can use IVR system to reflect the professional side of the brand. It gives an impression to the customers that company operates on a large scale and is dedicated to helping the customers.
  4. IVR systems can replace a secretarial assistant or a client service agent WHO answers calls and directs calls to agents. they're conjointly terribly cheap, can increase potency and can scale back operational prices, that the ROI is large.