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OMR Software Development Company in Chandigarh

OMR Software is for Optical Mark Recognition. ROM software is answer sheet checker software. OMR software is widely used by educational institutions so that objective examination can be conducted on the basis of MCQ test pattern to achieve quick and accurate examination results. This popular recognition technology is used to collect data from "fill-in-the-bubble" forms, such as academic testing, surveys, evaluation, evaluation and many other multilateral forms.

Use of the optical mark is associated with an answer option in "bubble" or "mark" to select the answer to a question. Optical Mark used the tool to fill OMR form HB pencil and black pen to fill the OMR form. OMR is not limited to schools, colleges, coaching institutes or data collection agencies, but also to healthcare and business care agencies.

Benefits of OMR

  1. Optical Mark is easy to analyze the sheet and prepare the final scores.
  2. The OMR software is designed to process multiple sheets at once. It can evaluate up to 25,000 scanned forms within an hour and the speed of processing can be increased by usage of good quality of hardware system. In the process of checking the answer sheets that is controlled and processed with the help of a single desktop.
  3. OMR software is a cost-effective and time-saving tool.
  4. The sheets are in vast bundles and therefore the organizing authorities use an OMR primarily based tool for the process of those documents. The results evaluated can have a correct figure with the zero error count.
  5. The processed data received through OMR is directly stored in the computer database. The records can easily be accessed. It provides enhanced security to the stored documents.