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School ERP Software

DUKE SCHOOL CARE(School Management software) transforms a school into a SMART SCHOOL. Over a decade, hundreds of schools have particularly focuses on three aspect of student development i.e. Mechanization of School operations and academics process...

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omr softaware company in chandigarh - duke infosys

OMR Software

OMR software is for optical mark recognition. ROM software is answer sheet checker software. OMR software is widely used by educational institutions so that objective examination can be conducted on the basis of MCQ test pattern to achieve quick and accurate examination results..

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ivr software development company in chandigarh

Interactive Voice Response

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Interactive Voice Response(IVR system) is perhaps the part of your CTI integration that's most recognized by your callers. It's voice response system that interacts with them after the decision. It's Conjointly your first problem..

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industrial erp software development company in chandigarh

Industrial ERP

DUKE INFOSYS offers an innovative manufacturing industry ERP software solution that helps manufacturing enterprises to remain lean, agile and competitive. We believe that there are unique requirements for manufacturing processes in different industries. That's why we are...

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gst billing software development company in chandigarh

Billing GST Software

Duke Infosys will provide all the goods and services tax (GST) facilities. GST is an indirect tax (or consumption tax) imposed on supply of goods and services in India. At every step in the production process, GST is levied, but it means it is returned to all parties at different stages of production besides...

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library management software development company in chandigarh

Library Software

Duke Infosys provide the complete library management and automation solution that enables information providers, managers, resource in charge, resource managers & librarians to manage & disseminate information available in various kind of resources including...

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banking software development company in chandigarh

Banking Software

Banking software supplies infrastructure for the construction, deployment, and administration of financial products. In addition, banking software stores the account holder's data in compliance with local law. It also handles financial transaction processing and accounting...

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co-pperative banking software development company in chandigarh

Co-operative Software

Duke Infosys provide the functions of co-operative banking software. this software leading banking systems intelligence and links. Our software will ensure full data handshaking among the modules to ensure error-free operation with no effort and ensure availability of data...

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advertising management software development company in chandigarh

Advertisement Software

Advertising Agency Software is an important facilitator for the marketing of an advertising agency, managing projects, consulting, analyzing data, and many other agency activities. Advertising Agency Software typically includes task management, client management, time tracking...

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loan management system software

Loan management system

Advance School Management Software and Complete School Automation Software that suites to almost every school or educational institution from student admission to student leaving, from fees collection to exam results. It includes 32+ modules with 8 inbuilt users i.e. Super Admin, Admin, Accountant...

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